by Ginny Heston

Once upon a time, in the city of Baltimore, there was a rowdy group of lacrosse players. Now five seasons and some new faces later, the Baltimore Thunder, as these men are known, were called upon to take up the challenge and demonstrate there skills and now our story begins.

The first match of the season occurred December 29th in Baltimore. The opponent was the Detroit Turbos, the last team the Thunder played and defeated in the 1990 campaign, Unfortunately, the outcome was the same. Baltimore got off to a good start in the first period, out scoring the 7 to 3. However as the game progressed, their goals, as well as shots on goal, Both Jeff Jackson and John Nostrant contributed 3 goals to their cause. The final score was Detroit 20 and Baltimore 16.

The Thunder, after the disheartening home opening loss, set their sights on Pittsburgh. It would be the Bulls first home game and it would be the perfect opportunity to disappoint their fans . Baltimore came out and scored the first goal with a little more than 2 minutes gone in the first period Then, to the surprise of some, Pittsburgh answered with six goals by the time 11 minutes and 41 seconds had ticked off the clock.

In the second period, the uneven tilt had leveled off some but the damage had already been done. Salt was thrown into the Baltimore wounds during the fourth period as the Thunder was outscored 6 to 2, A positive note was the play of John Heil who labored for three goals and an assist.

Now with an 0—2 record, the Thunder were especially hungry for a win! They rumbled into the Baltimore Arena for their match against the New The first England Blazers, January 19, 1991, period was somewhat uneventful for the Thunder as Brian Kroneberger and John Nostrant each had a goal: the score after one period was 4 to 2. The game was beginning to look dismal when New England scored 2 more goals in the second period to widen the lead to 4 goals.

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