by Larry Bock

Neither rain or snow, nor sleet or hail could keep 14, 789 from the Wings home opener against the New England Blazers. If any of you are like me and park a block and half away from the Spectrum to save a buck or two, your clothes were probably just about dry when you had to walk back to your car, after the Wings pulled a narrow 11 to 10 victory, and got drenched all over again. It shows that Wings fan is a truly dedicated fan. The Wings could have possibly had the second sellout of their existence, if the weather would have cooperated. Aside from the Wings and the Baltimore Thunder, the other MILL teams drew just about 6,000 each top their home openers .

The start of the game was marred by the 45 second clock not working. But then I thought the new shot clock was supposed to be 40 seconds . How could any team set up their plays when the displaying anything? All that was heard was the announcer yelling 10 seconds But talking to some of the players after the game, I was told that it was almost impossible to hear the 10 second warning. One has to remember that the PA system was installed to inform the fans, not the players, Take a look the next time you attend a game and notice that PA speakers face us and not much at towards the playing field. During the announcement of the teams , before the start of a game, there is someone standing with headphones on telling the players You canst when their name is being announced . hear much of anything aside from the cheering fans, down there on the field. But enough about the shot clock. Since the refs couldn’t see the ghost that tripped the Blazer player, on the breakaway, they called the penalty on Chris Flynn. WHAT A JOKE !!!

John Tucker was playing like his old self scor ing a hat trick along with 2 assists for 5 points I am glad he decided to come and no penalties. out of retirement, to play at least one more season. Did Brad Kotz leave his normal stick season home? Even though he had a goal and two assists , he seemed to have almost no ball control in the second half. Or was it that the other players on his line were relying on him too much and not giving him any support? The big question is will Mark Moschella ever play goal for the Wings at a home game? He almost got his chance when Dallas Eliuk had the wing knocked out of him. But after the Wings got possession of the ball Mark ran off and Dallas came back on. One would think that after the 18—8 thrashing the Wings took up in Detroit, that Moschella would be the starter in the home opener. Only Dave Evans knows for sure……

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