by Don Dougherty

I have never been more embarrassed to be a Philadelphia Wings fan than during the introduction of the first three home games this year! Prn sure that many fans thought that it was cool” or “clever” to insert the word “sucks” after each visiting player’s name was pronounced by the Spectrum announcer. What fans were really saying was, ‘ ‘We are jerks and we have no class!

The opposing players do not deserve the type of treatment. What these so—called fans seem to have forgotten is that no matter what colors the players are wearing, they are working very hard , for $300 per game, to entertain us. To ridicule them as they are introduced is rude, thoughtless and ignorant.

Perhaps the Wings can have another promotion in which towels are passed out us as we enter the Spectrum, but this time those “cool and “clever so called fans can stuff the towels in their mouths as the team as would save the true Wings fans the embarrassment of being associated with the no class rebel. It would also make things a lot more pleasant for the many families that now attend the game.

This problem wouldn’t be as bad if it were just a bunch of jerks showing their local neighbors how stupid they are; but with MILL Game of the Week being carried on many cable systems nationwide, these same jerks are spreading a bad image of Philadelphia all across the country. They are also contributing to the popular media notion that indoor lacrosse is a second rate sport . If I were covering the MILL for a national publication and attended a Wings home game this year, I would not have anything positive to say about the fans! I would have to compare us to the fans of professional wrestling.

So as the Spectrum announcer introduces the Wings next victims, remember the advice that every parent has given to every at one time or “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all! Lees all do our part to enhance the image of the Wings and MILL, let’s be courteous fans.


Editors note: This editorial reflects the opinions of the author and are not necessarily those of the Philadelphia Wings Fan Club, Officers or Staff, or related parties. The PWFC welcomes all replies to all editorials.

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  1. did he become in charge of comcast security because the family friendly era ushers shushed me. not one visiting player took it personal.

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