The Wings are hoping the month of July will treat them a lot better than the last nine days of June when the team experienced the worst slump in its short history.

Starting tonight against the Long Island Tomahawks, the Wings will be playing the first of six home games during July, with Quebec furnishing the opposition next Tuesday and Montreal two days later. There also are three away con- tests scheduled during July, and maybe the combination of six home and three away tilts in the next 27 days can help turn things around.

The team had an 11-9-1 mark going into the June 22 meeting with the Maryland Arrows at Landover, Md., and it appeared as if the 1974 regular season champions of the National Lacrosse League were about to make their move on the leaders. Instead, the exact opposite took place. The Wings dropped a hard-fought contest to the Arrows that night, then lost twice to the Long Island Tomahawks in three nights, tied Quebec and dropped road games to Quebec and Montreal. Tonight’s action will be the Wings’ 28th in a 56-game schedule, which means the Philadelphia pro lacrosse entry has half of the season left to correct matters. This is a team with lots of talent, but the talent means absolutely nothing if it is not working together as a unit and producing victories.

When things go wrong, it’s easy to place the blame elsewhere. That’s not the real answer here. The only sensible answer is to regroup, join together and work extra hard. Then, the slump should go away like an illness or a plague that no one really wants or needs.

The sun rose again today—a new day, a new sunrise. Let’s go Wings. Let’s start a brand new season.

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