Lightning Bolts: (6/19/1975)…


Boston is down 4-1 to Montreal in the season’s series but three of the games have been decided by one goal. The Bolts edged the Quebecois 17-16 at Montreal, April 25; lost 16-15 in Montreal on May 19 and dropped that heartbreaker in the last nine seconds, 15-14, Friday at the Garden. The other two games in the series were walkaways. Les Quebecois beat the Bolts 16-7 here on May 3 and 18-11 at the Forum, June 16.

Ron Driscoll made his first start for the Bolts Monday in Montreal as coach Larry Ferguson gave Ted Gernaey a rest after Gernaey had started ten straight games. Driscoll picked up two assists in the game and spent much of the night out of the net, leading the Boston breakout.

Montreal’s superstar center, John Davis, was held scoreless by the Bolts and Ted Gernaey for two straight games before he exploded for two goals and four assists Monday night.

As of press time, Montreal has taken over sole possession of first place in the National Lacrosse League. The Quebecois are 13-9-0 for 26 points, two points ahead of second place Maryland. The NLL’s individual scoring leadership has also changed hands. Maryland’s Paul Suggate, last year’s MVP, has taken over the lead from teammate Brian Tasker. Suggate has 48 goals, 66 assists for 114 points.

Boston captain, Ivan Thompson is stretching out his leading margin in the team’s individual scoring statistics. Thompson has 33 goals, 40 assists for 73 points, 12 points more than Al Lewthwaite, 17-44- 61.

The newcomer in the Boston lineup is defenseman, Charlie Marlowe, number 28. Marlowe played 38 out of 40 games with the Toronto Tomahawks (NLL) last season. He scored 29 goals, 24 assists for 53 points and had a 28.1 shooting percentage. Marlowe, 6-ft., 205, has a reputation as a hard hitter. He’s 26 years old, married, and has a daughter, Adrienne, two weeks old. He’s from Oshawa, Ont., where he is a chartered accountant.

Ron “Moose” Liscombe will be representing the Boston Bolts at the First Annual Jess Cain Sundial Celebrity Tennis Tournament at Longwood to be held Saturday, June 21, to benefit eye research. Liscombe says he’s going to bring his lacrosse stick for the serves. The tournament starts at 1:00 p.m. and admission is $1.50

You can see four of the NLL’s top seven scorers in action here next Wednesday, June 25, when the Bolts meet the Maryland Arrows. The big scorers for Maryland are Paul Suggate, Brian Tasker, Terry Davis and Blair Campbell.

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