Drafted by Detroit: Favell to Play Pro Lacrosse

PHILADELPHIA (AP)—When the rough and tumble National Hockey League season is over this year, guess what goalie Doug Favell of the Philadelphia Flyers will be doing?

He’ll be playing in the rough and tumble National Professional Lacrosse League.

While most of his teammates will spend the summer hunting, fishing and just plain relaxing, Favell will be participating in a sport almost as rugged as hockey.

The 23-year old goalie has been drafted by the Detroit club in the NPLL.

And, as a change of pace, he’ll be a forward this time instead of a goalie.

Favell is a proven scorer in lacrosse.  In 15 pro games last season, he netted 26 goals.

Doug will play 40 games this season, but he’s hoping to play them in Toronto rather than in Detroit.

“I’m trying to get them to work out a deal for me before the season opens in May,” he said.  “I’m trying to get with the Toronto club so I can be near my home in St. Catherines.”

“How would you he compare lacrosse with hockey?”

“Lacrosse is plenty tough,” he says.  “I don’t know if it’s as rough as hockey, because I’ve never played forward in hockey.

“You have to run a lot on lacrosse and that’s good for my legs.  It keeps me in shape for hockey.”

(Wilmington News Journal, April 18, 1968)

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